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Friday, April 16, 2010



nk tulis pasal smlm..15042010

yesterday was very100x bad day 4 me..since the beginning of the day, till the end..wuargh!!tension giler..
1st, woke up late to the class and very hurry(rushing) go to the class cz scared if i'll scoled by the lecturer..but he's not like that actually..but im very scared if people loosing their trust on sorry en.haiqal cz absent on tuesday cz im very2 nose can't stop running and my voice was flying to i don't noe where..

go back to what happen yesterday, after i went back from the class with uncontrolable felling...
after i reached to my room, nissa, my roomate told me that my printer has stuck.. the paper was not working out..and i try to fix it but i dunnoe how to do it..kesian so sorry...i can't help you by that time n i made it worse rite???luckily the ink xkener nissa's drawing..seriously i felt guilty to so sorry..

before i go back to my room, i bought a nescafe(my fav drink) and ice tea at the downtown and then, i put it on my table...giler khusyuk maen game i forgot about the drink on my table..habis tumpah and i just relize it when the time is already 8 or 9 pm smthg...argh..habis all my books and notes absorbed the drink and the most important thing is MY NOTES GONNA MISSING!!!!bcz ink kembang and i can't read it...OMG!!!!!!and i dun have any mood to study structures for the next day test..

Ya Allah..please help me and i wish this incidents will not gonna happen again to me..

about the internship..lstill not settle yet...aper la masalahnyer nk approve kn JUST A LETTER and fax it..bgtau ler..if i accepted or not..dun make me waiting!!!

final exam'schedule giler babeng punyer..harini final presentation 4 entreprenuership n tomorrow is the exam day and the next day is BUILDING CONSTRUCTION with 5 CREDIT HOURS!!mmg best!!!argh..ETRETRETRETRETR!!!!!!