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Thursday, May 20, 2010

4th day of being assisstant QS..

exausted, bored, really painfull and many else..
i dun noe this kind of feeling, feel like wanna cry, scream very loud!!!!!!!!!
it's hard to decribe how i feel now..
im not doing the thing that i like so im easy to get tired and bored..
diorg sume have the topic already and i????
hrm..please... (cryin' again)

what the hell of this circumstance...
may be it's my fault too cz didnt find the place that suite to me..
but its too late now..



Thursday, May 6, 2010

please give me back my freedom!!!!

argh!!!during the whole exam weeks i feel like i wanna killing that guy..what so bored..always listen to her words..what's this and what's that..
actually it's not good to tell here.. but i really2 hope that person realize and aware to people's right...
not all people do the same way as you to study..and some of people need calmity and tranqulity to study and to understand...
i know you are smart and good in everything..but please give me a chance and space because im not like you..
i have to learn from ZERO okay...

to saper ntah nmnya but she's BS student..please dun do u shit,f***king attitude to anybody..perasan aku kwn ko...belah lah...i never though that u r my friend okay and im not interested to be friend with you actually...but because I HAVE TO!!!
please change ur attitude if u wanna socialize or "bermasyarakat" with people...jgn memandai buat harta org jd harta ko..n one more thing,im not ur printing or scanning service person okay,...nath2 ngaku ader scanner or printer kt kwn2 ko..pastu kwn ko datang tnya, "Is this the B***H room???, nk print or scan smtg la..."

hummmmm exam is going to end soon..n on 17th i'ii start my internship..hehehehe...jd contractor!!!!fuiyoooo!!! ingt sng ker work in construction industry...but i donnoe how does it looks like...hehehehe..poyo jer lebih..

to my mom n family...i really2 missed all of my current situation, i want my mom beside me bcoz im always thinking, if Allah doesnt give chance to me for tomorrow, will I see my mother again..(crying...serious!!)
i miss my mom much888888xxxxxxx!!!!!
mom,dad..please pray for me... =)
i really2 wanna make both of you happy to see my suceed and u'll proud of me..
hope i have the chance...Amin...