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Saturday, June 12, 2010

wonderful experience

after all the obstacles i've gone through, i found the shine at the end..i made it!!! enjoying, im learning, im happy now..thanx lots to Allah..without His blessing, i dunnoe what'll happen to me..

im in the right track now and just go with the flow..huhu..
without notice, it has been a month we (Department of Building) undergoing practical..huhu..lots of moment, suka duka, exhausted, funny, and new knowledge we gain..rite??

for my friends who didnt have opportunity to be with us, never give up k..maybe korg will face benda lg best dari ktorg..well everybody knows that contruction industry will expend to i donnoe the excactly the pit there r still alot of technology that will be existing in future and the chance will be urs my friends..

never give up k n remember "bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian" k..
love frm hazwani to all my friends!!chaiyok2!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the really truth..

its about my internship..i feel bad, i feel horrible, i wanna cry, i wanna blame people and much more!!!hhhmmmm....(sigh)
sometimes i feel like im trying to destroy my future cz after i graduated, for sure i'll be working in this industry and will face with the same i rite???
but unfortunately i've done mistakes..

the truth is i wanna blame this company..its start from letter "U" of class A contractor in Alor Star...the worker at this firm had promise to me that the company will take/accept me for the internship and i am really dumb stupid and trust this "U" company..i wait for the reply cz en.rizal already faxed the official letter to the company and the "U" company didnt reply it back..i wait till the examination weeks come....most of my friends already confirm the practical with choosen company...eventhough i was among the earliest send the official letter, but i havent get any answer YET!!! heart not feeling well and my hand was easily called the company..and suddently the workers at "U" company said "sorry dik, surat adik tu blom excess, better adik cari company lain.." macam _ _ _ _ la kan..the date was very closed and luckily i've backup which is "K" company..fuh..lega n really thankful to The Almighty!!!

but its not finished "K" company i should do QS job and its accepted cz my sudy is also includes measurement and estimate..but the really job im doing is photostating tender documents..wwwuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! really bad and exhausted..cyez..

i wanna change the company but there are lots of misunderstanding about stuck between my dad, my curent company, my lecturers, my department and all the related..cyez im stuck and i donnoe whot should i do now!!!!i feel like i wanna quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, tolonglah permudahkan urusanku dan Kau berikanlah yang terbaik untukku..Sesungguhnya hambaMu ini sudah tidak mampu untuk menanggung dugaanMu ini..Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin...