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Monday, December 27, 2010

dah nk balik dah!!!

hurm..just left few days jer lg nk reg to uitm back..giler malas nk blaja balik..
aper x nyer..6 bulan xpegang buku..xstudy menatang aper pon then trus dapat result..huhuhu..
sem depan ader symposium BUSY2011..fuhh..mest penat xcukup semua..
well biasa la student life kan..ecececece..hakhakhak!!
xtau caner nk face semua nnt..well "new life" kater kan..hikhikhik..
saper paham, paham la..saper xpaham buat2 paham je lahh..huhuhu..
planning to go to holiday this end of the xdapat cz masing2 busy..hurm..
biler nk jalan2 neyh..bosan..
aper2 pon hopefully next sem xder aper2 yg sangkut..amin..
so boleh continue my dream of being an architect..yeeehaaa!!!!
eventhough 3 thun blaja building tp hati tetap ng archi..sorry guys..
korg continue CM then i'll continue archi..xper..senang2 kiter contact lah kan..hikhikhik..
xsabar tunggu thun depan..ada even BESAR menanti..hopefully aper yg dirancang menjadi kenyataan..senyum jer... :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin :)

its quite a long time not updating the blog..well im busying with works n life..heks!!hrm...first i'ld to to ask forgiveness from all of my babes, dudes, friends, teachers, lecturers and all people who noe me if i made wrongduin' and so on.. kosong2 yea..heks.. the beginning of Ramadhan me n family were shocked with da news of my uncle..he got bone cancer..stage 4..perggghhh!!!macam naek gila aku dibuatnya..i couldnt concentrated to my internship..until now..n i dunnoe what will happen to my report..never started it yet..dah la kena tukar tajuk..just left 2 months to go..sempat ke yerk???adehh..

now alhamdulillah, my uncle is getting better cz doa from all of you..thanx a lot.. :)

raya kali ni best la jugak eventhough i cant go to my babes' house..sorry cz my car is not feeling well..haks!! (dia suruh tukar kereta baru la tu en??)hehe..raya ke3 waiting for my friends datang umah..masak hrm..naem n yana jer yg seronok cz i got compliment from them..hehe 1st time masak kooot..heks!!cayalahh..raya kali ni gak xbalik kampung..xper..nnt2 balik la kan..this time my family raya ng org 1st anak buah..Muhammad Aqil Rayyan..he such a cute baby and soooooooo baik..i like it..hehe..cant wait till he becomes kid..hehe..nk bwk g jln2 dgn stroller kt shopping complex..buleh lagu tu??heks!!!

4th day of raya..finally i met him..after 3 years and 4 months of waiting..heks!!the person that i love most and unforgetable..heks!!seriously i still love him in what ever he is..deeply in my heart i couldnt lie it!! hopefully after this we will be together back..amin ya rabbal alamin.. and i really hope he will change to what he should.. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

happy of my life

wah..bestnyer dapat balik kampung!!!!!
tp kepulangan yang best..hahaha..sebab i met with my schoolmate..da lama has been 5 years kot..xsangka, he's different..dulu kicik2 suke je kacau aku especially waktu mula2 pindah ke skolah campor (lelaki+perempuan)..maklumlah, b4 transfer i studied in Girl's School..huhu..

back to the story, seriously im not immagine he will be like now, n sumenye totaly different about him..haha..da cair ker???kuang3!!!ahamdulillah..he changed to be better..wah3!!kelas gtu..n i hope, we'll be best friends eva!!!!amin..

**hopefully A*** will change to..xsusah utk berubah untuk jadi lebih baik!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

wonderful experience

after all the obstacles i've gone through, i found the shine at the end..i made it!!! enjoying, im learning, im happy now..thanx lots to Allah..without His blessing, i dunnoe what'll happen to me..

im in the right track now and just go with the flow..huhu..
without notice, it has been a month we (Department of Building) undergoing practical..huhu..lots of moment, suka duka, exhausted, funny, and new knowledge we gain..rite??

for my friends who didnt have opportunity to be with us, never give up k..maybe korg will face benda lg best dari ktorg..well everybody knows that contruction industry will expend to i donnoe the excactly the pit there r still alot of technology that will be existing in future and the chance will be urs my friends..

never give up k n remember "bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian" k..
love frm hazwani to all my friends!!chaiyok2!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the really truth..

its about my internship..i feel bad, i feel horrible, i wanna cry, i wanna blame people and much more!!!hhhmmmm....(sigh)
sometimes i feel like im trying to destroy my future cz after i graduated, for sure i'll be working in this industry and will face with the same i rite???
but unfortunately i've done mistakes..

the truth is i wanna blame this company..its start from letter "U" of class A contractor in Alor Star...the worker at this firm had promise to me that the company will take/accept me for the internship and i am really dumb stupid and trust this "U" company..i wait for the reply cz en.rizal already faxed the official letter to the company and the "U" company didnt reply it back..i wait till the examination weeks come....most of my friends already confirm the practical with choosen company...eventhough i was among the earliest send the official letter, but i havent get any answer YET!!! heart not feeling well and my hand was easily called the company..and suddently the workers at "U" company said "sorry dik, surat adik tu blom excess, better adik cari company lain.." macam _ _ _ _ la kan..the date was very closed and luckily i've backup which is "K" company..fuh..lega n really thankful to The Almighty!!!

but its not finished "K" company i should do QS job and its accepted cz my sudy is also includes measurement and estimate..but the really job im doing is photostating tender documents..wwwuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! really bad and exhausted..cyez..

i wanna change the company but there are lots of misunderstanding about stuck between my dad, my curent company, my lecturers, my department and all the related..cyez im stuck and i donnoe whot should i do now!!!!i feel like i wanna quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, tolonglah permudahkan urusanku dan Kau berikanlah yang terbaik untukku..Sesungguhnya hambaMu ini sudah tidak mampu untuk menanggung dugaanMu ini..Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

4th day of being assisstant QS..

exausted, bored, really painfull and many else..
i dun noe this kind of feeling, feel like wanna cry, scream very loud!!!!!!!!!
it's hard to decribe how i feel now..
im not doing the thing that i like so im easy to get tired and bored..
diorg sume have the topic already and i????
hrm..please... (cryin' again)

what the hell of this circumstance...
may be it's my fault too cz didnt find the place that suite to me..
but its too late now..



Thursday, May 6, 2010

please give me back my freedom!!!!

argh!!!during the whole exam weeks i feel like i wanna killing that guy..what so bored..always listen to her words..what's this and what's that..
actually it's not good to tell here.. but i really2 hope that person realize and aware to people's right...
not all people do the same way as you to study..and some of people need calmity and tranqulity to study and to understand...
i know you are smart and good in everything..but please give me a chance and space because im not like you..
i have to learn from ZERO okay...

to saper ntah nmnya but she's BS student..please dun do u shit,f***king attitude to anybody..perasan aku kwn ko...belah lah...i never though that u r my friend okay and im not interested to be friend with you actually...but because I HAVE TO!!!
please change ur attitude if u wanna socialize or "bermasyarakat" with people...jgn memandai buat harta org jd harta ko..n one more thing,im not ur printing or scanning service person okay,...nath2 ngaku ader scanner or printer kt kwn2 ko..pastu kwn ko datang tnya, "Is this the B***H room???, nk print or scan smtg la..."

hummmmm exam is going to end soon..n on 17th i'ii start my internship..hehehehe...jd contractor!!!!fuiyoooo!!! ingt sng ker work in construction industry...but i donnoe how does it looks like...hehehehe..poyo jer lebih..

to my mom n family...i really2 missed all of my current situation, i want my mom beside me bcoz im always thinking, if Allah doesnt give chance to me for tomorrow, will I see my mother again..(crying...serious!!)
i miss my mom much888888xxxxxxx!!!!!
mom,dad..please pray for me... =)
i really2 wanna make both of you happy to see my suceed and u'll proud of me..
hope i have the chance...Amin...

Friday, April 16, 2010



nk tulis pasal smlm..15042010

yesterday was very100x bad day 4 me..since the beginning of the day, till the end..wuargh!!tension giler..
1st, woke up late to the class and very hurry(rushing) go to the class cz scared if i'll scoled by the lecturer..but he's not like that actually..but im very scared if people loosing their trust on sorry en.haiqal cz absent on tuesday cz im very2 nose can't stop running and my voice was flying to i don't noe where..

go back to what happen yesterday, after i went back from the class with uncontrolable felling...
after i reached to my room, nissa, my roomate told me that my printer has stuck.. the paper was not working out..and i try to fix it but i dunnoe how to do it..kesian so sorry...i can't help you by that time n i made it worse rite???luckily the ink xkener nissa's drawing..seriously i felt guilty to so sorry..

before i go back to my room, i bought a nescafe(my fav drink) and ice tea at the downtown and then, i put it on my table...giler khusyuk maen game i forgot about the drink on my table..habis tumpah and i just relize it when the time is already 8 or 9 pm smthg...argh..habis all my books and notes absorbed the drink and the most important thing is MY NOTES GONNA MISSING!!!!bcz ink kembang and i can't read it...OMG!!!!!!and i dun have any mood to study structures for the next day test..

Ya Allah..please help me and i wish this incidents will not gonna happen again to me..

about the internship..lstill not settle yet...aper la masalahnyer nk approve kn JUST A LETTER and fax it..bgtau ler..if i accepted or not..dun make me waiting!!!

final exam'schedule giler babeng punyer..harini final presentation 4 entreprenuership n tomorrow is the exam day and the next day is BUILDING CONSTRUCTION with 5 CREDIT HOURS!!mmg best!!!argh..ETRETRETRETRETR!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


wuiyooo....dh nk abis dh sem ni..kejap sem ni la yang memenatkan giler antara sem2 lepas..
rindunyer nk balik umah...dh lama x jumpa family..
final project submit minggu depan..mmg best lah...model pon almost siap..hehe...
cantik....warna warni..huhuhu..hopefully ms. rafizah n cik azira suker r... confused cz berbelah bahagi nk balik ker x minggu ni...mcm yer or mcm x...herm...
tp rindu giler nk makan ayam masak merah mak buat...

masuk com lab hari ni..semangat giler..
tp when the monitor is ready to use, surfing icon la plak..
mean the computer is just formated..alamak!!!hancus..bengong ler..
dh la guna broadband pon x jalan..
xtau ker communication is very important nowadays?????
nme jer dok kt ipt tp the facilities is not satisfied especially in THE INTERNET COVERAGE..
dh lama kot x on9 facebook n myspace...same goes to twitter...argh..
malas nk salin notes en.sallehan...wewewewewewe....

Friday, March 5, 2010


building night is coming..
wargh..lot8x of things to do..penat lor..meeting banyak missed..
malas nk bergerak..
assignment pon mcm hampeh jer...nasib baik ada baw n rakan2...thanx lot!!!!

currently in puchong..ikut pakcik n family jalan2..
n try to find dress for dinner..huhu..
bukak facebook,alias da nk kawen dah..
tahniah diucapkan!!!! idea to write here..
time xder internet,mcm2 jer nk tulis..huhu

da....hope today best lah.. =)

*thanx kt perol,zul n poji hntr aku kt ladang lekir semalam =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


hrm..sedar x sedar dh 5 hari ktorg balik ke uitm..
mula lah nk menengok assignment..huhuhu..
bosan giler babeng..xder internet kt kt cafe..
what the berat bwk laptop..

owh laptop ku..
why u keep doing such a WONDERFUL MOMENT with me currently??
hrm..mule2 screen starting to BERCAYA n BERKELIP2..
and suddently kedatangan BENDA ASING plak..
n now the KIPAS is bz running all over my head..the sound is soooooooo SEDAP..
hrm..laptop ku2..

drawing wat xsiap..malas nk wat..bukannnyer group members x mintak keje, tp aku xtau nk kasi aper..aku pon tau nk wat per..
for the information,aku xreti nk explain kt orang pasal nk wat tunjukkan cara tau last2 aku la yg siapkan benda tu...huhu..malasa nk explain..

mggu ni bnyk ponteng kelas cz tahap KERAJINAN utk tido sangat tinggi..
sorry 2 all my lecturers..

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Argh...letih nyer....
naik turun tgga cr tmpt nk wat internship..hrm..
akhirnya dapat jugak..thanx to kak shida n kakak aper ntah..huhuhu..
xingat..dier pon x introduce her self..
they gave me lots of coorperation..
give lots of information..
dari aku xpaham subject tu sampai la aku dh ble explain balik kt diorg yg diorg explained kt aku..huhuhu

esok, sabtu Abby will undergoing one more surgery..
the besi inside her arm is lilbit senget..
kesian will be her third time surgery..
Abby, be patient yer..ko kuat..
esok jugak aku akan balik ke tempt asal ku.. UiTM Seri Iskandar..

kt umah, my family plak nk g jalan2..picnic
kt Durian Burung..such a rural area..coverage hp jgn harap nk dapat..hahaha
malasnyer nk i decided xnk ikut..malas doe!!!
better i stay at home n do what should i do..(finish up the assignment)
hahaha..boleh ker???

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ya Allah...betapa kau Maha Berkuasa menguji aku..
Ya Allah..kuatkan lah semangat ku..
aku x minta untuk diduga dgn mempunyai saudara seperti dia Ya Allah..
kenapa lah dia terlalu pemalas sampai nk tolong ibunya sendiri pon susah..
nk tolong abah apatah lagi..
dia tidak bersyukur dengan apa yg kmi ada sekarg..
dia x tahu susah penat abah n mak mbesarkan dia Ya Allah..
yg dia tahu cuma bermesej,bermesej,bermesej..................

Apala nk jadi..
Aku tengah print transkrip ku n suddently kertas habis n at the same time im not in the room..
only her and the gadjets..
ish3..she just let the printer being bising n stuck!!
what the fuck!!! kot nk tolong ltk kertas ke aper ker..
xjugak, just ng hp dia yg my elder sister kasi PINJAM jer..
tu pon nk mengebat jugak gn harta benda aku!!!!
from 11 till 12 aku bersusah payah shut down n restart balik laptop..
sebab dier tutup suis...macam..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!
argh..benar2 menguji kesabaran ku..
betapa MALAS nya dia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selamat sudah....

Alhamdulillah...tepat jam 15:15 abby dah selesai her 2nd operation..
it is very good to noe yg abby dh selamat..
syukur sgt2!!!
Thanx God!!! =)
Abby cepat sembuh yea..
Fana ckp abby rasa lenguh n letih..
well biasa mmg gtu..
badan pon letih2 n x larat...
abby mengalami symptom yg sama mcm aku dulu...
tgh2 bercakap tetiba ble tdo dgn nyenyak nyer...hahahahahaha
mmg kelakar ble fikir balik..

huhu..nk jugak bg tau that I pon pernah kn surgery..
Appendicitice..mcm bengong jer kn benda tu...
satu badan menggigil..hahaha
Almost past 4 years...huhu

hrm..nk balik UiTM, tp kalau bley nk bwk balik kete mcm sem lepas..
tp xtau la abah kasi ker x...hrm... =(
takut nk tnya lor...

Abah, kasihanilah anakmu ini yang berpanas dan berhujan di Seri Iskandar tu..
hukhuk ='(

Abg Hafez, Kak Yatie tgh berdengkur sblh Wani skrg!!!!hahahaha

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Terima kasih..

Thanx to Ahmad Farahan Adenan cz teman aku bermsg malam td sampai la aku tido..
Utk malam semalam time kaceh kt Hasnun Hamizan Ahmad n Mohd Hanif Che Aziz...
entah la, xtau kenapa aku susah sangat nk tido skrg ini..
adakah simptom2 Insomnia???
alamak!!hrm..setiap sem jer msti jadi..
adat student kot..
dulu ader pil, skrg dh xambik..takut terbiasa n ketagih..
tp pil tu..fuh!!! mujarab habis, makan sebijik jer (besar 1/2 clorex) trus layan (tido) sampai la esok pg...huhu..

Malam td berjaya gak siapkan resume...
rupanyer senang jer nk wat..
idok le bnyak sgt info yg dier nk..huhu
sesapa yg nk contoh resume, nnt bgtau yea..
korang tukar info ttg korg sudey..
format same jer...cari kt tenet...

hopefully plan harini menjadi lah..
(tangkap gambar pasport n settlekn tempt practical)
smlm tersasar..hahaha

Abby yg kami sayang...

Pukul 10 pg, 17.02.2010..

Abby otw ke bilik surgery skrg utk menjalani 2nd surgery..
masukkan besi dlm lengan dier yg patah tu..
doa kami semua semoga semuanya berjalan lancar n cepat sembuh..

untuk Abby,
Abby,cepat sembuh tau..
nnt aku nk g kelas ng saper???
ko kn cepat sembuh tau sebab nnt kite bley main kerusi kt dlm lab lg tau..
ktrg tau ko kuat, n ko msti kuat yea..
eventhough masing2 kt umah sdri jauh nk g lawat ko,tp ktorg slalu doakn kesejahteraan ko..
ktorg nk Abby!!!!!!!
nnt sehat ko cepat2 g klas tau..
hr Sabtu ni aku balik Perak..
nnt aku g jenguk ko yea..
ktorg sayang ko, rindu ko..
cheers always k..

Sian Zameer...

Sian Zameer..
dier ulang alik dr Penang ke Ipoh tgk sahabat2..
Zameer, ko kn kuat tau..
Ktorg pon syg ko jugak..
ko kn jaga kesihtan ko jugak yea..
jgn pressure diri ko tau...

Doakan untuk kesejahteraan BN4C selamanya..

Monday, February 15, 2010


lunch with udang celup tepung..yummie..
after that mummy gave nasi lemak..
hak3..biasalah kalo dok umah ni kul 11 br bgn..
nk tolak nasi lemak,ada ikan bilis dlm tu..(my favourite) nk xnk makan je lah..
kenyang gilo!!
mummy cakap xper makan bnyk2..nnt balik u nnt u'll waste back..
hehehe..maknanya mummy ckp aku dah kurus la yea...hahaha(perasan)

laptop makin lama makin wat hal..duish2!!
melayang duit aku..
ape lg after this???
tumpang duit bnyak skrg ni..
assgment not in mood to finish it..
due date is getting closer..
bukak page ex...
he's getting big3!!!

i just saw my little sister wearing my fav shirt.
why she wore my shirt????
mummy said,"ala..just let her..she's getting big..bju laen da xmuat.."
diush!!!lg lah membara jer..
mcm nk bwk jer all my stuff blk uitm..
argh..God, help me... =(

berhari-hari di rumah...

hrni 16.02.2010..

dh 5 hari aku dan penduduk BN4C kehilangan one of our members, Siti Aminah Hadawiah aka Mek..
terasa sebak, pilu dan terkilan...pemergian beliau sangat dirasai...
xtau caner nk hadapi bila bukak sem nnt..
mlm td call happy n lega sgt cz after she picked up the phone, trus dgr gelak tawa dia...
izzati dh mula terima pemergian Mek..wlaupun xsepenuhnya..
Abby dh having 1st surgery kt atas her tpk tgn..
maybe on next tuesday or wednesday she will have 2nd surgery..
masukkan besi dlm lengan dier yg patah..
aduh..Abby, aku tau ko kuat n ko mesti kuat yea..ala ko kn Big Bro..hehehe...

nk cari info wat assinment pon xder mood..
eventhough internet kt umah ni menggunakn cable fibre optik dan ianya menjadikan kelancaran yg sgt maxima..
xmcm kt kolej,pasang tiang besar2 tp xder coverage kot..
broadband lg ar...