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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin :)

its quite a long time not updating the blog..well im busying with works n life..heks!!hrm...first i'ld to to ask forgiveness from all of my babes, dudes, friends, teachers, lecturers and all people who noe me if i made wrongduin' and so on.. kosong2 yea..heks.. the beginning of Ramadhan me n family were shocked with da news of my uncle..he got bone cancer..stage 4..perggghhh!!!macam naek gila aku dibuatnya..i couldnt concentrated to my internship..until now..n i dunnoe what will happen to my report..never started it yet..dah la kena tukar tajuk..just left 2 months to go..sempat ke yerk???adehh..

now alhamdulillah, my uncle is getting better cz doa from all of you..thanx a lot.. :)

raya kali ni best la jugak eventhough i cant go to my babes' house..sorry cz my car is not feeling well..haks!! (dia suruh tukar kereta baru la tu en??)hehe..raya ke3 waiting for my friends datang umah..masak hrm..naem n yana jer yg seronok cz i got compliment from them..hehe 1st time masak kooot..heks!!cayalahh..raya kali ni gak xbalik kampung..xper..nnt2 balik la kan..this time my family raya ng org 1st anak buah..Muhammad Aqil Rayyan..he such a cute baby and soooooooo baik..i like it..hehe..cant wait till he becomes kid..hehe..nk bwk g jln2 dgn stroller kt shopping complex..buleh lagu tu??heks!!!

4th day of raya..finally i met him..after 3 years and 4 months of waiting..heks!!the person that i love most and unforgetable..heks!!seriously i still love him in what ever he is..deeply in my heart i couldnt lie it!! hopefully after this we will be together back..amin ya rabbal alamin.. and i really hope he will change to what he should.. :)